who desire to increase their confidence and raise their social intelligence, while disrupting perceived mediocrity. 

In this safe and accepting community, we challenge conventional thinking and redefine irrelevant, outdated etiquette traditions to embrace authenticity and encourage individuality, with the intent to upset negative stereotypes about women, people of color, and other underrepresented minorities.

A 21st century etiquette movement for
Millennials and Gen Zers

Disruptive Etiquette is

Less Unnecessary Pleasantries. More Unapologetic Presence.

Increase your personal and professional confidence

Build rewarding, genuine, organic relationships

Celebrate your truth and amplify your unique voice

Own your powerful presence

Transform and polish your image

Say goodbye to obsolete etiquette

Interview, present, network, and speak like a boss

Navigate social or professional environments with assurance

We will help you:

Welcome to a protected place where you can learn about social protocol and “what to do” without being scared to fail or mess up.

Disruptive Etiquette is where you can express yourself with no filter, no embarrassment, and not receive blanketed answers that are insensitive or irrelevant to who you are.

We believe in

What you want:

What you need:

A safe place as a minority to ask real questions and get real answers about what to do

A supportive community to get real advice and real resources about navigating real situations that are relevant to you. 

An outlet to vent in confidence without being judged 

A place to share and gain advice and relate to others who are going through the same thing

Access to resources on how to improve as a person and professional

To experience success in your career and personal and professional relationships. 

To learn more about who you are and be your genuine, authentic self daily. 

To have engaging conversations and meaningful interactions with others. 

To be confident and not be ashamed of what you don’t know socially or professionally. 

You want to be less awkward in public situations.

Learn more about toni

I am  passionate about helping underrepresented young professionals accelerate their career by leveraging their soft skills, confidence, executive presence, and relationships. 

I live to shatter glass ceilings, challenge traditional thinking, and break outdated traditions. I like to shake things up - it’s kinda my thing. 

One might say I’m a little radical and, well, disruptive. Here's why -

Hi I'm Toni

The Disruptive Etiquette Podcast discusses everyday etiquette in a humorous way without the stuffiness, to increase your confidence, raise your social intelligence, and polish your soft skills for the best results in your relationships and career.

The Disruptive Etiquette Podcast

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